Opera Mini

Opera Mini 4.2.14912

The Mini revolution in mobile browsing


  • Slick web browsing
  • Mouse navigation


  • Some pages took time to open


If you've been using Opera Mini on your mobile you'll know all about the benefits its brings. If not, you really should be using it. It's the best way to get the most out of your mobile, making surfing the internet fast, secure and easy, plus you can use photo-sharing applications and subscribe to RSS news feeds from your favourite websites or blogs. And now Opera Mini promises to be even better with this new Beta version.

It still has a fast and free internet connection and when you open a webpage Opera Mini will give you a full-screen view and then suggest where to zoom in to begin reading. Of course you can choose yourself if you are looking for something specific. Importantly the software changes the size of the text so you can get as much information on your screen while still being able to read it. This optimization of pages ensures easy reading. You can even flip the screen to landscape mode to get a better view. And you can bookmark in the usual way. One simple feature I liked was the Opera Mini mouse which allows easy scrolling, an addition that many mobile packages are sorely lacking.

Impress your friends and wow yourself with Opera Mini 4 beta as you quickly navigate the entire Internet on the world's only super fast and free mobile phone browser. Access any site at any time, anywhere, and on almost any phone.

New features:

  • Added encryption
  • Added multi search, with shortcut #+9
  • Added create search from form field
  • Added landscape mode, shortcut #+*
  • Added support for small anti-aliased bitmap fonts
  • Added content folding
  • Simplified setup process
  • Improved image quality
  • Improved fit to width mode rendering
  • Simplified settings page
  • Added native BlackBerry menu
  • Allow BlackBerry to accept the EULA via the menu.
  • Fixed decoding of images that were skipped when partially above the window
  • Added clock adjustment setting
  • Changing the font size via settings now clears the document cache
  • Now saves full screen mode between sessions
  • Dialogs are now displayed with round corners and alpha channel overlay windows
  • Delayed randomess gathering for secure connections until first real page request

Opera Mini


Opera Mini 4.2.14912

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